Step by step software development life cycle

software development life cycle

If you wonder what kind of work people do in a software company and how software development takes place. In order to understand what a software tester or quality assurance analyst does. You first need to understand the process by which the software is conceptualized, developed and maintained. This process is known as the software … Read moreStep by step software development life cycle

Braina an Artificial Intelligence software


Here is how you may take a regular Personal Computer and give it Artificial Intelligence powers for free. Braina – that is short for Brain Artificial – is a virtual assistant that permits you to interact using voice commands. You may be thinking which this sounds an awful lot like Siri or Cortana, but you’d … Read moreBraina an Artificial Intelligence software

Shopify or woocommerce

shopify or woocommerce

When you think about starting an e-commerce business, one of the questions you may have is; Which platform should I use? shopify or woocommerce. Listen, I think the best answer you can get is, depends. There are actually specific things you need to compare before your final decision.  I’ll reveal some valuable information for you, so keep … Read moreShopify or woocommerce

Web Development

web development

Web development can be challenging, particularly if you have never tackled this kind of project before. Okay, honestly, if you have never done it in the past it may be a nightmare. But I am attempting to be helpful here. Now, most business buyers and possible partners will review your website before they do business … Read moreWeb Development

WordPress Security Tips

wordpress security

Hello all , Welcome to digitalcoorg.  Today I will show you useful tips to make your wordpress website secure. You must consider these things. These are the things that you might not have thought about. Maybe one or two of them, but maybe not all of them. They all can make a great difference in your wordpress website … Read moreWordPress Security Tips

Web development trends

web development

The smartphone explosion has caused a brand-new revolution in the arena of growth. Mobile application development became very popular. Businesses can tap a greater client base and see greater profits. It is extremely essential you know about the latest trends that shape the potential for mobile application development. This may help you align your long-term … Read moreWeb development trends

Advantages of a website

advantages of a website

The advantages of a website are quite numerous, as many of you already know. Nonetheless, from time to time I still run into a small business owner, usually a solo service professional, who still does not have an website. Typically they know that they need one, but just haven’t gotten around to getting one set … Read moreAdvantages of a website

MIT professor shows students Black mirror

black mirror

The MIT is among the leading technology research centers around the world, that makes it probably the more than probably places to crank out bothering dystopian technology which pose a risk to freedom, life, and also the environment. Massachusetts Institute of Technology has made headlines in the past with military robots and frightening AI jobs, … Read moreMIT professor shows students Black mirror

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